Payroll processing software & HRMS for accountants

Pade’s payroll engine streamlines payroll processing for your clients, regardless of size and industry. Automate compensation, file taxes, and produce tailored reports for your clients with our modern payroll and HR software.

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Revolutionize your HR Operations with Africa's most robust payroll and people operation software


When choosing payroll software for your accounting firm or team, prioritize integration, tax compliance, accuracy automation, reporting, cloud access, employee portals, data security, and scalability. 

A well-rounded software choice streamlines financial operations, ensures compliance, and empowers your HR team for strategic financial management.

Enter Pade.

Pade is regarded as one of Africa’s most robust payroll engines, with features built to handle any use case. Our software will help you take the pain out of payroll management.

Unlock payroll excellence in your organization

We make payroll processing easier, more reliable and safer than ever. Forget stitching together multiple providers, our all-in-one platform helps you manage everything payroll - from onboarding to employee benefits and taxes.

Send Money from anywhere into your employees bank account with few clicks.

Generate out of cycle pay schedules and disburse cash to your employees at any time of the month

Calculate and file your statutory deductions with relevant government agencies automatically

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Accountants payroll software

Every accountant demands two things to successfully deal with payroll processing: accuracy and compliance.

If you’re an accountant looking for payroll software to streamline your payroll tasks, you have come to the right place.

Pade’s payroll platform ensures precise calculations that free payroll teams from manual burdens.

With integrated reporting and analytics, you’ll gain insights for informed decisions.

Online payroll software for accountants

Online payroll software should offer a range of benefits that elevate accuracy, streamline processes, and enhance collaboration between finance and HR teams. These include:

Cloud-powered convenience

Online payroll software operates on the cloud, enabling access from anywhere. This flexibility is especially valuable in today's remote work landscape, allowing your team to work together efficiently regardless of location

Tailored for financial experts

Your software of choice should align with financial systems, reducing manual data entry and ensuring accuracy.

Accuracy and compliance

Speaking of accuracy, the right online payroll software should also offer automated calculations to ensure precise payroll processing. Ideally, to go along with your payroll calculations, you should also get built-in compliance features to keep your organization on the right side of the law.

Data security

As you deal with sensitive numbers and information, you must also favour a payroll system that prioritizes data security. 

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What to look for in payroll software for accountants

When choosing payroll software for your accounting firm, you must consider a few factors.

Do you need special integrations? What about analytics and compliance?

Not all payroll software are created equal. So it is important that you are very clear on what it is you need your solution to do for you.

We created this guide to help you find the right payroll software for your organization.

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