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Unforgettable May: Our Journey Through The Month

Sheriff Subair

Content Marketing, Pade

June 7, 2024

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The call went silent for about 5 seconds after Ore Badmus, our Marketing Lead, wrapped up the plans for May.

Breaking the silence, I sighed and said:

“Sheesh, this is May Madness.”

Ore laughed and replied:

“Yes, ooo. We are going all out to show HR professionals and employees how much we appreciate them.”

And we did.

As we bid our final farewell to May, it’s time to reflect on the incredible events that made May special.

Here’s a recap of the highlights.

Like A Genie, We Made The Wishes Of African Workers Come Through

It is fitting that we started the month by celebrating the most valuable asset in any organization.

The employees.

On May 1st, Workers’ Day, we asked Nigerian employees on social media what the simplest thing that will make their work life easier is.

Their responses were both interesting and diverse.

Someone needed a pack of biros, another wished for a plot of land, and one person even wanted a new pair of eyes… or maybe just new glasses?

Well, we selected a few lucky winners and granted their wishes.

The joy and gratitude from the recipients were truly rewarding.

Knowing that we made a tangible difference in their lives reinforced our commitment to supporting our community.

Our efforts for Worker’s Day didn’t stop there however.

We also introduced the public to the incredible workers behind Pade. These are the people building solutions that make the lives of African workers easier.

And we thought you should see how their dreams and passion intertwine with their work.

Watch the video here.

We Showered HR Professionals With Love Notes

Being an HR professional means diving head-first into the intangible world of company culture and employee relations.

These things do not come with a manual and are hard to figure out. But we don’t see many HR professionals get appreciated for the splendid work they do.

That didn’t sit well with us so we did something about it.

On May 20, International HR Day, we created a special landing page filled with heartfelt messages of gratitude from employees to their HR professionals.

It was really heartwarming to see HR professionals get the recognition they deserve. You too can visit the wall and get rejuvenated knowing that the people you work with feel your impact.

Check out the Wall of Love here.

Really, Who Takes Care Of HR?

We also hosted the second edition of our annual mental health roundtable, “Who Takes Care Of HR?”

We must continue to have discussions about the mental health of HR professionals. 

HR professionals are tasked with championing the well-being of employees so they can be productive. But who champions their well-being?

This year’s roundtable theme, Building Support Systems, was intentionally chosen to underscore the importance of prioritizing your well-being as an HR professional, even as you champion that of others.

Emmanuel Faith, Founder of Luminous Consult, did a fantastic job hosting a panel of HR veterans like Erefa Coker, Yemi Faseun, and Tinu Adeyemi, and Psychology Expert Aanu Jide-Ojo.

See what some attendees have to say about the roundtable.

DId you miss the session? You can watch it here.

Finally, We Brought HR Professionals Together To Network And Chill

We brought down the curtain on May Madness by partnering with Startup HR Africa to host a Tech HR mixer.

This first-of-its-kind event brought together HR leaders in top tech companies in Nigeria.

After teaching HR professionals to prioritize their well-being and build support systems, the mixer was the perfect opportunity to help them relax, unwind, and make new connections.

We Remain Committed To Simplifying The Lives Of African Workers

May has come and gone but our dedication to simplifying the world of work so the lives of African workers can be easier remains strong.

These events showcase our commitment, and we’ll keep providing resources to help you create productive workplaces.

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