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Best Payroll Platform in Africa

Pay your team
quickly and efficiently, no matter where they are.

Pade helps you pay salaries to your local and remote team regardless of where they are on the continent.

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Using Pade to prepare payroll

It's a world class experience for you and your team.

Your employees look forward to their earnings; match their expectations.

Eliminate errors and complexity by using Pade Payroll.

Payslips are generated automatically and all other compliance elements can be remitted via the platform.

Save Time and Stay Compliant with Pade's Automated Payroll System.

We've done the hard work so you don’t break a sweat over payroll compliance. Remit taxes, pensions and all other statutory benefits seamlessly via Pade.

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Pade's Interface for Time Tracking Management

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Create your account

Signing up to Pade is very simple. Simply get started via the website to create your account

Add your people

Profile and add existing employees via simple form, or do a bulk operation to onboard your employees. You can even send offer letters via Pade.

Run Payroll

Once you've added employees and included their pay and tax information, you can run payroll in a few clicks

A fully integrated payroll system

Payroll is fully integrated into all other core HR modules.Bonuses, Deductions, Loans & Salary Advances and Disciplinary are all tightly synced. You never have to do anything manually anymore!