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Employee Information Management

People generate a lot of data and you want to have all this information at your fingertips. Pade lets you store a ton of information on your employees and retrieve it all in an instant. With the best HR and people operation software in Nigeria, you can upload historical documents in their profiles or even set up custom fields for data that is peculiar to you.

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Requests Management

Leave, Redeployment, Exits or Documents. Manage all employee requests using smart policies that take care of all the diverse scenarios for each employee. It’s all synced into payroll automatically so you can be sure all bases are covered.


Run multi-currency payroll minor or major calculations like deductions, bonuses, payables and other elements as may be required. Deliver payslips automatically once payroll is processed to employee bank accounts.

Image of payroll
Simplify Leave management with HR Software

Approval Workflows

Set up approval workflows for nearly everything. Payroll, Leave, Promotions or even Profile Updates, make sure nothing goes past required authority with custom approval workflows.

Custom Notifications

Notify the right people when things happen in your organization. Create custom notifications when a manager approves an employee's leave or when an employee is exiting. You can literally configure Pade exactly how you want it.

Notifications on Pade's Platform
Set employee benefits using Pade


Manage Health Insurance, Pension and other custom benefits for your team from within Pade. You can set up any statutory benefits provided locally and internationally.


Promote a high-performance culture in your people that drives tangible business results. Either with a Balance scorecard or OKR approach, our improved version allows you to conveniently set clear goals, align objectives, and track progress effortlessly without breaking a sweat.

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Performance Management Dashboard on Pade HR software
Pade Disciplinary Dashboard
Set disciplinary measures using Pade


Employee discipline is super important to maintaining a high performing organisation. Manage compliance and behavioural issues using Pade’s policy based disciplinary management module


Keep a bird’s eye view on all of your data. From payroll journals, variance reports, statutory reports and much more. A custom report builder is also built in to help you draw up any type of report with any type of data from your organization. Perform analysis on all data points to help keep your finger on the pulse of your company.

Run reports on HR Software Pade


Publish audit reports on all activity in your organization. Pade keeps track of everything that happens, down to IP addresses, so that you know what is going on all the time.

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