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March Product Update

Sheriff Subair

September 15, 2023

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Pade was launched with a mission to deliver African organizations from inefficiency into productivity and profitability. With this mission in mind, we constantly make updates to our platform that offer our users greater flexibility and better experience.

March was no different. Let’s take a scroll to see the updates made to Pade in the last month.

Offer your employees custom benefits with perks

Pade Software showing custom benefits for employees

How many times have you wanted to offer extra benefits to your employees as part of their pay grade? You can now do so with our new feature called Perks. Perks allows you to create custom benefits such as flight tickets and hotel accommodations that your employees can choose from when they apply for leave.

Remit your taxes without stress

Easily remit your taxes using Pade

Pade now allows you to remit your taxes directly from your Pade Wallet. To get started, edit your company details by filling out your Tax Identification Number and the name of the tax office you want to remit your taxes to. Save yourself from the stress of crunching tax numbers on a monthly basis.

Remain compliant with taxable payroll changes

Comply with tax regulations with Pade

Our latest payroll update lets you decide whether an employee’s pay addition should be subject to taxation or not. This feature allows you to decide whether you want to tax your an employee’s pay addition or treat it as a bonus.

Pade makes it easy for you to manage your employees wherever they are. Ready to get started? Request a demo.


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