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We’re Unveiling a Refreshed Brand: Simplifying Work to Improve the Lives of African Workers

Sheriff Subair

Content Marketing, Pade

February 1, 2024

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Today, we proudly announce our refreshed identity that reinforces our commitment to creating a fulfilling experience for African workers and employers.

Read on as we introduce you to Pade: The Platform That GETs You.

A Three-year Journey Brought Us To This Moment

In 2021, we launched Pade with a commitment in mind: Automate HR tasks so African organizations can be more productive.

And what a journey it has been.

We are excited and proud to have grown from a little-known brand in the HR space to becoming the HR platform of choice for organizations like Flutterwave, TSL, and Dantata.

We have experienced both humbling and rewarding moments on this journey. Like when we launched Earned Wage Access by Pade to improve the culture of financial flexibility across Nigerian workplaces.

It’s also been beautiful to watch our team grow from just two people writing code and talking to HR professionals in a small office to a distributed organization, with colleagues across 3 states in Nigeria. 

However, this same journey has taken us from not just being a people automation software but to a platform that is fully embedded in the people operations of change-making organizations. And every day, we witness the positive impact of our work on their operations.

From the HR professional who became more valuable to her organization because she has more time to focus on strategic initiatives thanks to Pade. To the employees that get paid accurately and on time. And the organizations that experience significant growth because their workforce are happier and more engaged.

Like a ship entering uncharted waters, we realized that it was time to expand our horizons and launch a new identity that is representative of the role we play in the operations of our customers and the HR ecosystem at large.

The Making of Our New Identity

When considering how to approach our identity, we had to do a lot of introspection. We asked ourselves: “What is Pade at its core?”

Pade’s mission is simple: We want to make work simpler. By doing so, we will improve the lives of African workers and create harmonious workplaces all over the continent.

This mission encapsulates our commitment to creating fulfilling experiences for organizations and employees alike.

So we settled on an identity direction: GETs Fulfilled

When you come across Pade, we want you to see a company where:

  • People GETs fulfilled: This reflects our emphasis on personal and professional growth.

  • Place GETs fulfilled: This emphasizes the importance of a positive workplace culture and creating a sense of belonging.

  • Pay GETs fulfilled: This signifies the importance of transparent and equitable payment practices and their role in building trust in the workplace.

Of Course, Our Refreshed Identity Comes With A New Logo

A lot of thought, research, and reiteration went into the creation of a new logo. Ultimately, we wanted a logo that aligned with our new brand identity and told the story of Pade.

Here’s the visual we’re entering this new era with.

The checkmarks represent quality assurance and efficiency that Pade brings to your HR and payroll processes.

When you reorient the checkmarks, it becomes a growth chart that signifies our emphasis on personal, professional, and organizational growth. 

Finally, the circle represents the world of work (including you and every other African business and employee).

But Our Identity Is More Than Just The Logo

A brand’s identity extends beyond its logo and colour combinations. Those are important, of course. But also as important are the values behind why we do what we say we do.

Here at Pade, these are the values that reinforce our identity as a company that GETs HR, Payroll, and Employee Benefits.

  • G – Growth

  • E – Empowerment

  • T – Trust

  • S – Simplicity


Growth is our core success metric for the African worker. As a value, it embodies our commitment to nurturing progress and development in the African workforce.


This is a core attribute that is a representation of our culture here at Pade. We prioritize transparency, reliability, and integrity in everything we do, ensuring our actions align with our words.


The trust we have in one another is what propels us towards an improved work ecosystem for businesses and individuals. We ensure a profound sense of confidence, autonomy, and capability within each stakeholder.


By adopting a simple approach, we aim to enhance clarity, efficiency, and accessibility, making it easier for African workers to excel in their endeavours.

What Does This New Identity Mean For Our Customers?

Right now, we are all about helping you and your people get fulfilled.

Expect offerings, product innovation, and initiatives thoughtfully crafted to help you drive fulfillment in your career and workplace.

What Next?

With this rebrand, we are entering into a new phase of our growth, both product-wise and in the HR ecosystem. We have a couple of plans lined up that we are bursting at the seams to share with you.

We can already tell that it’s going to be another fulfilling phase in our journey and we’re glad to have you on this road with us.

You can keep an eye out for more information on our plans by following us on our social media channels.


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