Boost your employee productivity at no cost!

Boost your employee productivity when you give them flexible access to their earned salary at anytime of the month, without disrupting your regular payroll!

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How Earned Wage Access by Pade boosts Employee productivity

See how Earned Wage Access can help improve your employee financial security, support talent acquisition and retention and boost productivity!

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Empowering the best workforce

Better financial security with Earned Wage Access by Pade

Your employee can access up to 50% of their earned salary, at any time of the month if they have financial obligations. This has absolutely no impact on your payroll process

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Earned Wage Access keeps your employees motivated

Unexpected expenses that occur before payday create financial stress for employees leaving them less motivated at work. Flexible pay options like Earned Wage Access by Pade can help keep them motivated.

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Attract and Retain Top Talent with Benefits that matter!

Earned Wage Access by Pade can help you stand out to existing and prospective employees when you offer flexible and on-demand pay as part of your benefits.

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Getting Started with Earned Wage Access by Pade

Activate Earned Wage Access on Pade
Log in to your Pade account and turn on “Earned Wage Access” in your payroll settings. Your employees will be automatically notified via email and a push notification.

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Get Daily Earnings & Transfer
Your employees can simply transfer from their “available for withdrawal funds”. Choose the amount they wish to access, and with just a few clicks, their money will be on its way to them.
Get paid instantly
All withdrawals are credited to employees account immediately. No more waiting for payday. They are charged a flat fee for each transfer they make.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How does Earned Wage Access Work?

Consider John; who receives a monthly salary of #100,000 on the 25th of every month. After paying his rent in July amongs other expenses, John is low on funds. To cover his expenses until the next payday in August, John uses the Earned Wage Access feature on Pade. He requests the amount he's earned from July 26th to August 15th, which is #67,750 and gets paid almost immediately.It’s that simple!

How is Earned Wage Access different from Loans?

With Earned Wage Access what you get is YOUR money. You won't owe anyone, and there's no one bothering you for repayment or burdening you with interest

Does this affect my salary when it's time to be paid?

No. when payday comes around at the end of the month, your salary will cover the days you haven't been paid for yet.

Who can use Earned Wage Access?

You're eligible for Earned Wage Access if: You receive a salary or pay, OR you/your company permit its use, OR you use the Pade platform.

How do I access your Earned Wage Access feature?

As an employee, all you have to do is refer Pade to your employer and we’ll do the rest. Once they have this feature enabled, you’ll be able to access the portion of your salary you've earned, as you wish.

As an employer not already on Pade, you’ll have to get on the Pade train. See a demo to get started here. If you already use Pade, you’re in luck. Simply follow the steps outlined here to begin the process of giving your employees more financial freedom.

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